Dating tax stamps

The stamp i have on my tin predates the doubling of the excise tax in march 1943 when the stamps were over-stamped with a new value allowing purchasers of rolls of stamps to continue to use the older stamps until they were gone. Some states also used their own tax stamps (top left of the bottle above) which can give clues like the state treasurer’s name, tax rate, state secretary’s signature, etc most of that info can be looked up online so you can narrow your date range by looking up who was in charge when the tax stamp was used.

Dating by tax stamp ammestres october 14 in question and answer hello-new to this forum but long time bottle digger/collector i was wanting to date this bottle of chartreuse by the tax stamp missouri-dark orange-red the maker is very good-carthusian monks the date it was made could make a big diff in value.

Uspcc dating code a reliable way to date decks made by the united states playing card company (uspcc) is the dating code printed on the ace of spades or joker at the time it was manufactured the code is helpful in dating decks after 1904, the year it started, according to the hochman encyclopedia. Taxes and tax stamps on playing-cards in the following, you will find information on taxes and tax stamps used for playing-cards the idea is to help in identifying and dating playing-cards. The stamp was cancelled by the uspcco with the date 5-1-01 these stamps were in use from 1917 to 1919 the overprint mentions 'act of 1917', when taxes were increased, and on the second stamp also the new value '7 cents. Uspcc dating code a reliable way to date decks made by the united states playing card company (uspcc) is the dating code printed on the ace of spades or joker at the time it was manufactured.

Dating tax stamps/strips is primarily based on knowing the design of the stamps, and when the designs changed: it would be much easier if i could see a photo of the stamp/strip (particularly the center & right side. The most common decks you will experience are the 10 cent and 1 pack tax stamped decks, which are the stamps used from 1924-1965 you can identify the date of a deck of playing cards by matching a deck's stamp to its years in use.

(important cycleback note: tax stamps could be used past their printed date for example, ‘1909’ stamps have been found on packs from the late 1910s the only way to date a cigarette pack to an exact year is when there is a date printed on top of the tax stamp. Tax stamp dating any idea of the year this was sold state of illinois series n alcohol liquor revenue 1/5 gallon tax paid at the rate of $100/gal red stamp on cap: us internal revenue stamp # 36a8157483 renfield importers ltd newark nj sponsored links.

  • Check for a tax stamp, a thin strip of paper that goes over the top of the bottle to indicate tax had been paid these stamps were mandatory before 1985 before bar code inventory methods replaced the need for the stamp.
  • For this information and more about tax stamps, see the tax stamp article on this website this is a great way to date older sealed decks as well playing card tax stamps.

A revenue stamp, tax stamp, duty stamp or fiscal stamp is a (usually) adhesive label used to collect taxes or fees on documents, tobacco, alcoholic drinks, drugs and medicines, playing cards, hunting licenses, firearm registration, and many other things typically businesses purchase the stamps from the government, and attach them to taxed.

Dating tax stamps
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