Zoe and alfie dating blog post

Zoella and alfie deyes thrilled fans when they confirmed their romance in 2013 but we chart how youtube celebrities zoella – real name zoe sugg – and alfie already had a long history between. As a part of the zalfie fandom, we have completely lost our cool last night zoella and her youtuber boyfriend, pointlessblog (otherwise known as alfie deyes) uploaded two videos together the fact that zoe’s video saw us finally get the long anticipated ‘boyfriend tag‘ was enough for our hearts to implode and all the “aw cute”s to rise to the tip of our tongue.

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Zoe and i chat about valentines zoe's video: please thumbs up and add to favourites -----­----. Zoella confirmed the news in a blog post saying, “to summarise, yes zoe and alfie are together and zalfie is a thing, but zoella and pointlessblog will continue as they are without any real-life zalfie-ness. Like anyone in the public eye, it wasn’t long before zoe and alfie had to address the rumours our favourite thing about the blog post is the real talk no cute gifs or funny quips, she addressed the situation in her very own pr statement and put any naysayers to rest for good.

Alfie plans to fill the space with indoor putting greens, drones, table tennis tables, snooker tables, a tv & more alfie said he was going to pimp out the office “for me and my friends to chill, hang out, film videos, and play crazy videos and adventures. Now if you didn't know, zalfie is a shipping name for: zoe sugg ( zoella ) and alfie deyes ( pointlessblogg ) its only confirmed as friendship now i ship zalfie as just friends, but if they ever. Zoe and alfie had been shipped for 2 years ( which means everyone wanted them to become a couple) and have finally decided to end all the commotion about zalfie zoe confirmed it on her blog zalfie made this decision to tell the world because of one vlog that jim chapman, a friend of the two, had posted.

Alfie follows this blog and has liked several posts i’m not sure of the exact date he followed me, so please don’t ask unfortunately, zoe has never noticed this blog or me. Zoe reads what alfie wrote laughs then post the blog the rest of the night is filled with watching tumblr, twitter and he blog blow up with zalfie notifications continue reading the next part.

Read blog post (extra chapter) from the story zalfie by hannahes3 with 518 reads alfiedeyes, zalfie, love alfie and i have some pretty big, exciting news p.

Zoe and alfie dating blog post
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